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Augmented Reality, a Game Changer for Automotive Industry


augmented reality in automotive industry

The augmented reality is now being used in almost every industry and one such niche that leverages this technology is the automotive industry. Major car companies in the market are adopting augmented reality to acquire that competitive edge. The automotive industry is one with a lot of rivalries and therefore to strive the competition, companies are investing in innovative technologies in all of their steps from development to marketing to grab the attention of digital-savvy customers. So, let’s dive into the use cases of augmented reality in the automotive industry.

Augmented Reality in Training and Learning

With AR enabled training, companies are now providing their employees a better chance to understand the technicalities with easy and intuitive learning sessions and materials thus completely replacing the manuals and guide materials. Using AR wearable, employees can easily identify the machine parts of the vehicles just by looking at them. Therefore AR makes the entire training and learning process efficient, quick, and easy.

Augmented Reality in Product Development

Augmented reality helps in providing the automobile industry an efficient and guided development and repair process. By combining reality with digital content, it is now easier to design models. You can even virtually integrate different engine variants designed into chassis using AR. This helps to determine if the designed model integrates well with the existing vehicle thereby aids in mitigating development cost and time.

Augmented Reality in Educating Customers Better

With boring catalogs, you can no longer influence your customer to buy your car. For that, you need something more than the usual. Augmented reality is now the best tool available to educate customers of the features and specifications of the product they are buying. By overlaying digital content over the real world, it provides customers with the information they can interact with which provides a better experience as well as educate them with the finer details of products.

Augmented Reality in Enhancing Customer Experience

With augmented reality, salesmen can showcase the features and components of the car models using 3D visualization to potential customers. This provides customers a chance to engage with the product as in real life without even visiting the dealerships. Customers can check out car models of their choice, specifications and can decide what to buy based on these. AR also aids car companies in the upselling of their products. In short, embracing AR offers your customers an unforgettable buying experience.

Augmented Reality in Enhancing Safety of Customers

Augmented reality plays a vital part in enhancing safety in the automotive industry. Many automobile companies are now implementing safety systems enabled with AR that will assist the customers to find the actual problem in case of a function failure. AR can now be embedded into the vehicle's navigation system to provide necessary real-time navigation and warnings which helps the driver to stay focused on the road.

Augmented Reality in Driving Sales

Along with enhancing the entire customer experience, augmented reality has also changed the way the automotive industry performs marketing to meet the ever-changing customer behavior. With completely digitized AR-enabled showrooms, the manufacturer can showcase an entire range of models to a customer even if there is a limit in the physical inventory. This enables the customer to view the car in different colors, walk around it just as if the car was physically present right in front of them.

AR is going to be increasingly used in the automotive industry to enhance the development operations, deliver customers an unforgettable experience, and drive sales. So, why wait? Grab your phone and send us a message to We are always happy to hear your needs.

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