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How to Address Work Skills Gap with AR enabled Remote Assistance Software?


solve workforce skills gap with remote assistance

Many companies are desperately trying to restore the disruptions in their operations due to COVID-19 and have adopted many new technologies to overcome this situation. Despite these, the pandemic has deprived many of their jobs and created a work knowledge gap that has put many businesses in a conundrum. Though the integration of technologies has helped companies navigate through the shortage of skilled labor, the truth is that there has been a significant skills gap.

We all know that a skilled workforce is the major determinant of the success of a business. The need to address the skill gap of your workforce is a huge priority. So, what if there was a way to train new hires or less experienced as fast as possible without much expense?

Augmented Reality (AR) integrated with remote assistance can help you fill the gap in the skills of your workforce. is an AR-based remote assistance platform that allows the workforce to bridge the gap and quickly acquire the skills needed to perform efficient and productive work. It can as well train and even support them in all troubleshoot processes.

Remote Assistance Software to Bridge Skills Gap

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote assistance software even by medium-scale business owners to handle the next crisis better.

The remote assistance software enables video collaboration with the workforce as well as between the workforce and experts in different geographical locations through two-way video streams and 3D AR annotations. This enables the business to continue its operations even if its workforce is at different locations. They can share their physical space any time and from anywhere and virtually work side-by-side.

This technology has also enabled to digitize the training materials into AR-based manuals to make it easy for the employees to interact, engage and work hands-free. This increases their efficiency and productivity. also helps companies provide their workforce with AR-enabled work instructions that are digitally overlaid on their field of view. This interactive means of training helps the workers retain their skills for a longer period, improves first-time fix rates, and almost eliminates unplanned downtime.

It is for sure that remote assistance takes some of the workload and stress burdens off workers' shoulders as they can request help from an expert any time they face an unfamiliar situation and need a helping hand.

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Even if your employees lack experience, you can always help them achieve that with the remote assistance software. If you are interested to know more, book a free AR consultation with us by sending us a message to, or you can even request a demo of our remote assistance software. Request a Demo Today!

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