Augmented reality for automotive maintenance is a comprehensive, scalable enterprise AR platform for automotive inspection and maintenance with live data integration and updation facility with dealer management systems.
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AR-enabled suggestions
On-demand recording
Detect and identify vehicle information
Vehicle scanned with AR wearable and fetch data in few seconds.
Step-by-step tracking of each check points
Technicians will be to track each checkpoint with accurate tracking and guidance.
AR-enabled suggestions for parts replacements
Provides automated suggestions and recommendations for parts changes and replacements.
Core Features
End-to-end AR-enabled Instructions for Technicians
Data driven guidance with predictions, suggestions, and recommendations.
Launch real time data-driven AR instruction in just a scan
Real time data-driven AR instructions and vehicle information can be loaded in just a scan.
Live and Automated predictions and service recommendations
Calculates predicted risk factor and service recommendations.
On-demand recording and summary reports
On-job activities can be recorded and submitted as a summary report
100% DIY AR Platform
Build a 3D model from an existing vehicle
Our 3D builder allows you to scan the entire vehicle within a few minutes and set the checkpoints to get started.
100% zero coding AR editor
Create automated instructions for technicians in just a few clicks with no programming.
Create step-by-step guidance for maintenance
Create step-by-step guidance which is easy to follow, track and monitor with real-time data.
End-to-end support
On-demand technical support in just a click
Our AR Experts are happy to help you at any step during the journey with us.
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Upskill your technicians with AR
Accelerate your digital transformation with AR enabled automotive inspection and maintenance.
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