Augmented Reality platform for automotive maintenance
Empowering service technicians with AR-enabled automotive maintenance and inspection.
Live and Automated Predictions
Step-by-Step Instructions
Maximizing Revenue
Achieve More efficiency in a short span of time
With, you can achieve operational efficiency in automotive inspections and maintenance by providing your staff direct access to expertise in the form of AR-enabled instructions. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and Hololens 2
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No More Pen, Paper and Documentations
Technicians can conduct inspections and maintenance activities digitally and efficiently with the aid of live and accurate data.
Fewer Errors and Faster Reporting
AR instructions in maintenance can reduce negligence and error as well as misinterpretations to achieve greater efficiency.
Maximize Service Revenue
AR-enabled real-time data-driven instructions help to complete the maintenance and inspection tasks faster with upselling opportunities.
Increase Productivity
Upskilling workforce productivity using augmented reality and data driven approach. Real time collaboration with subject matter experts.
More than 50% Reduction in Training Cost
AR-enabled data-driven real-time instructions are visual, interactive, and easy to understand, and this helps to assimilate functionalities faster and more effective.
Maximizing Productivity
Real Time Reporting and Updations
Issues can be detected, identified, fixed, reported, and updated in real-time.
Flexible and Effective Knowledge Transfer
Knowledge transfer and expertise can be shared and updated simultaneously during the task itself.
No More Searching for a Specialist or Expert
The AR-enabled instructions make everyone a specialist or expert, so the process no longer tied to an individual expert.
Ergonomic Experience
Get Faster, Safer, and Efficient with Hololens 2
AR enabled automotive inspections and maintenance using Hololens 2 with step-by-step instructions.
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Upskill your technicians with AR
Accelerate your digital transformation with AR enabled automotive inspection and maintenance.
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