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How can Object Detection Based AR Solution Help your Business?


Why companies fail at digital transformation

An Intro to Object Detection

Some of you might have an idea about what object detection is. Object detection is a close relative of machine learning and computer vision and helps detect and identify objects from images. This is leveraged by many businesses in their processes to improve and provide their customers with a better experience.

By bringing Augmented Reality (AR) into object detection, 3D models will be augmented over real 3D objects with which the user can interact. AR object detection finds its application mainly in organizations where the workforce can be provided training for complex work scenarios in a safe environment. Though the technology behind object recognition is quite tough, the tech wizards at iBoson have got it all covered. So, let's check out how AR object detection solution helps to improve businesses.

How Object Detection Helps Various Industries AR object detection platform has applications in various industrial verticals that help to transform and bring positive changes to those sectors. Let’s see some applications in detail.

• Healthcare

Since the pandemic, augmented reality has become a buzzword in the healthcare sector. With the introduction of AR object detection in MRI and CT scans, hospitals and health care centers have been able to improve the overall patient experience and detect diseases at an early stage.

• Manufacturing

AR object recognition has proven applications in the manufacturing sector. From interactive workforce training, inspection, and maintenance tasks and automated assembly lines to taking the quality of manufacturing to the next level, AR transforms the entire manufacturing sector.

• Shipping and Logistics

The shipping and logistics sector utilizes AR object detection solutions to automate their various business processes like inventory planning, monitoring, quality control, etc.

• Automotive

AR object detection solution helps to enhance the driving experience, and improve the training process for the workforce and the product development process.

Benefits of Object Detection

Let us check out how the various applications of AR object detection solution have benefitted the businesses.

1. Interactive Hands-on Learning

2. Cost-Effective Solution

3. Improved Safety of Workforce

4. Improved Productivity of Workforce

5. Interactive Training in Safe Environment for Complex Business Operations

Object Detection – Summing Up

Introducing AR object detection helps businesses to improve their worker’s productivity levels, streamline work processes and improve overall customer service.

If you are ready to implement AR-based solution in your organization, schedule a call with us by sending a mail to We will come up with a solution tailored to your needs and that will take your business to the next heights.

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How can Object Detection Based AR Solution Help your Business?