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What is the Future of Field Service?


Augmented field service solutions

The field service operations are always stressful and without proper tools to manage, it can be a tiring task. Nowadays almost every business makes use of augmented field service tools to optimize field service operations. Before getting into the details of how the field service is currently operated, let’s discuss some basics.

What is Field Service?

Field service is the work done outside the company premises such as installation, inspection, repair, or maintenance of company products mostly at a client’s location i.e., the field. Field services are seen prevalently in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, electrical, and in deep tech companies. As the demands of the customer change with time, the field service has also become more challenging, and delivering exceptional quality service to the customer has become a huge task to attain. Let us check these challenges in detail.

Challenges in Field Service

Field services are quite challenging and a simple mistake while performing tasks can result in the loss of millions for the companies and even affect customer satisfaction. And with COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, companies had to stop their in-person visits to fields abruptly and had to adopt advanced technologies to self-perform tasks efficiently. Companies around the globe were looking for field service solutions that could streamline the processes, improve productivity and improve self-services. Therefore, the field service solutions for the workers on field must be simple, fast, and scalable across the enterprise. Below are some common challenges in the field service.

• Poor productivity and efficiency

• Delay in the knowledge transfer process

• Delay in connecting with experts

• Errors while performing self-service

• Reduced customer satisfaction

Augmented Reality Based Field Service Solutions

Today’s businesses seek utmost productivity and customer satisfaction and field service solutions built with IoT, AR, and AI that can digitize the entire process is in huge demand now. Augmented reality based field service solutions can be primarily used to provide immersive visual assistance to the field technicians. It can also be used as a collaboration tool to virtually connect with team members as well as experts by sharing physical location and accessing real-time information required to perform the tasks with ease.

What is the Future of Field Service?

Field service is advancing every second and advanced technologies are being adopted by almost every business for connecting people and machines. And AR is gaining momentum with each passing day and if you still haven’t thought about digitally transforming your field service operations, then I must say that chances are very high that you might fall back behind your competitors. To know how, our AR platform can help you streamline your field operations, send us a mail to

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