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Top 4 Reasons why your Business needs an Augmented Reality Experience


why businesses need an AR experience

Thinking about what augmented reality can bring to your organization? Well, there are so many benefits that AR can leverage to your business right now. Even in the initial stages, it unlocks so much potential for each business. This article will let you know why your business should embrace this technology right now.

Augmented reality, the technology that blends the real and digital worlds, is on everyone’s lips this year. It opens a new way to interact with your customers, prospects and empowers the way your workforce functions. Though many businesses were first hesitant to embrace augmented reality, many are now open to incorporate AR into their operations. With AR, businesses can improve user experience altogether. Apart from that, from a business point of view, augmented reality offers far more than just an enhanced consumer experience

Many companies like IKEA, Converse, and Sephora have been leveraging the benefits of augmented reality for quite some time. It’s been a couple of years since tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, etc. had adopted AR. By implementing AR, all of them have seen a boost in their sales and business performance. Therefore from training, technical support, product development, maintenance to sales and marketing, AR has proven its worth as a requisite tool. With that in mind let’s dive into the top reasons why your business needs an augmented reality experience.

Recruitment and Training

Augmented reality has started to revolutionize training and recruitment. Gone are the days when companies used to sift through resumes to find a fit candidate. Given the rising complexities in job recruitments in the present scenario, augmented reality can streamline the recruitment process, engage with candidates better and make the selection process simpler and easier. AR also helps the candidates to interact with the organization, get a better idea about the workplace, and can understand what they can contribute as an employee, all these right through their mobile devices.

When it comes to training the workforce, traditional tools may seem outdated and maybe time-consuming. In complex training scenarios, manuals and guide books may just not be enough. Be it any industry, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, telecom, AR can provide the right training with minimal risks. By just installing the app into their devices, employees can see the instructions in an AR overlay on top of the machines/equipment or any physical device. This has indeed increased the efficiency and accuracy of work.

Improved Product Development Process

The product development process can benefit tremendously from augmented reality. Each stage of product development such as design, evaluation, manufacturing, assembling, and maintenance can be improved with AR. In the early stages of development such as the designing process, products are usually shaped through sketching and 3D models which are limited to computer screens or paper. But augmented reality helps you overlay this design over the real world and let you get a clear idea of the product designed. This allows for the easy evaluations and tweaking of the product models created.

Coming to the manufacturing and assembling stages, the workers are usually provided with a 2D drawing but, in complex cases where a large no of parts have to be fit in precise, he/she may find it difficult to follow the manuals provided. If augmented reality is integrated into the assembling and manufacturing stages, the worker will get the necessary information with annotations displayed in front of them bringing the risks of errors to a minimum.

Enhanced Customer Experience

When given a chance to interact with the product, customers will be able to make more informed and confident purchase decisions. AR provides the customers this opportunity to sit in the comfort of their homes and make the right purchase for which all they need to do is to open their device camera.

Increased Sales

Many brands have incorporated augmented reality into their sales and marketing efforts to enhance brand value, drive sales, and influence buying decisions. Be it any product, all customers want to try products before they make a purchase. If the customers are given a chance to engage with the product, try it visually, then the chances are high that the customer will make a purchase. The cosmetics, clothing, home & décor, real estate, automotive, and several other industries are leveraging the potential AR provides them in the marketing and sales part to drive more sales and to create a memorable experience in the mind of customers.

In 2021, you will see many companies take that leap into augmented reality to bring real value to their business. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at to schedule a free AR consultation.

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