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Augmented Reality in Aviation Industry


augmented reality in aviation industry

It has been a while since the leaders in aviation have signaled the arrival and of augmented reality in the workplace. As a tool to assist technicians in maintenance, repair, assembly, and training new technicians, Augmented Reality (AR) is believed to revolutionize aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. Until recently, the usage of AR in the aviation industry was not prominent. But now, AR is developed at a rapid rate and is now revolutionizing almost all industrial sectors. Let’s check out how Augmented Reality has reshaped the aviation industry.

Augmented Reality in Aviation Industry

One of the main challenges faced by this industry is human error which may cause a loss of millions of dollars. Considering the complexity of the aircraft manufacturing process, its assembly, and maintenance and repair process, new technologies in the market has to be adopted sooner or later to meet the requirements and to gain a competitive edge.

Augmented Reality is an immersive technology adopted by many businesses to streamline and minimize loss during operational processes, to effectively manage the entire process from planning and production of aircraft to its maintenance and repair, and to train and sharpen the skillset of recruits.

Augmented Reality in Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

One thing that is expected of aviation maintenance workers is the speed and accuracy in which the operations are conducted. A small error can result in huge financial loss and can affect lives.

The application of augmented reality in aircraft maintenance can bring significant improvements in terms of safety. Leveraging the potential of AR to inspect, maintain and repair aircraft can drastically improve the performance of workers as well.

To perform routine maintenance checks or to conduct repairs they have to constantly refer to manuals which can be time-consuming and cumbersome process. With AR, the technician can get real-time information right in front of them any time they need it. AR also improves collaboration between the workforce and keeps technicians engaged in their tasks with minimal distraction.

Imagine a technician facing a critical task or struggling to fix complex equipment that requires guidance from an expert. Waiting for an expert to arrive does not seem like a practical solution, right? This is where AR remote assistance can help them out. With an AR-based remote assistance app, the technician can contact the expert within a click. With the ‘see what I see’ technique, the expert can guide him through the process as if they were right beside the technician through live HD video streaming and help him/her better understand the process using AR annotations, images, and documents. This helps in the reduction of errors, misinterpretations, unnecessary downtime and makes lives a tad bit easier for technicians.

Augmented Reality in Aircraft Assembly

The process of building an aircraft is highly complex. Any technology that makes this complex process easy has to be hold onto.

Augmented reality powered AR wearable can provide engineers with real-time visual instructions to quickly assemble an aircraft leaving no room for mistakes.

Augmented Reality in Training

Training has a paramount impact in the aviation industry. Without the right training, you will be risking many lives.

At times, there can be a shortage of expensive assets like engines or other costly components on which the recruits are supposed to train. With augmented reality, you can provide immersive on-the-job training that can improve their efficiency. They can also repeat the training as much as they want until they become proficient without any additional costs involved.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Aviation Industry

Seeing what Augmented Reality can bring into the aviation industry above, let’s check out the main benefits of AR in the aviation industry.

  • Streamlined operations
  • Efficient assembly process
  • Improved safety
  • Enhanced communication
  • Safe and immersive training
  • Access to necessary data and instructions anytime
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Reduction in operation costs

Need to Support your Technician?

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