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Augmented Reality for Maintenance & Repair


augmented reality in maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair are the heart of every business as it influences the productivity, and performance of the entire business. There have been many advancements in maintenance and repair making the process easy and I must say augmented reality is the most advanced innovation so far in maintenance and repair.

How does AR work in maintenance and repair?

Maintenance and repair work comes with a lot of manuals and procedures to follow to perform a single task. This ultimately takes the technician’s concentration from their work to manuals to get their work done right. Similarly, when technicians are faced with critical tasks, they are required to wait for a long period to get in touch with experts. All these bring down their performance and make their work-life tough. At the same time, companies suffer from downtime and high operational costs.

The main application of AR in maintenance and repair is to support the technicians and make their job easier. Deploying augmented reality in maintenance and repair can enhance it in many fascinating ways. With AR’s ability to combine real and virtual worlds, interact with both worlds in real-time and 3D object detection, the workflows of maintenance and repair can be simplified.

We know technicians are always under pressure as any interruption in the production process or any mistakes in the repair process can result in malfunctions or breakdowns and affect the running of the business. And the introduction of remote support based on augmented reality in maintenance and repair provides technicians the information they require in real-time anytime and anywhere to complete their work accurately. for Maintenance and Repair is an AR based remote assistance and object detection software that makes a technician’s life a tad bit easier. It can be easily integrated into multiple form factors from smartphones to AR wearables and supports technicians in each step of their work. in AR wearables enables technicians to work hands-free without compromising on their performance. Let’s check it out in detail.


A typical assessment check by a technician may require an enormous amount of time on manuals but allows technicians to identify the problems at a glance. They can easily pull up common problems that usually show up at routine checks or compare photos of a perfectly working system with the one they are now with. The whole maintenance check routine can be added to to streamline the functions.

Repairs and Troubleshooting

After the initial diagnosis of the problem, the technician can start with the troubleshooting and repair process right away without waiting for experts to arrive or searching the repair steps in the manuals. All information that is required to fix the problem can be accessed anytime through

Regardless of the device is installed on, it uses 3D object detection to compare the feed from the camera and the images in the database and automatically pulls out the right one associated with the equipment and shows video instructions, images or texts to fix the issue. It helps to identify issues faster with complex types of machinery and displays clear-cut digital instructions to solve the issue. This way, a technician can fix any problem that may arise, on their own. This decreases the downtime, cuts down operational costs and chances of error occurrence.

Remote Expert Support

For instance, think a technician was not able to solve the issue with the AR instructions displayed and needed advice from an expert. Should he wait for the expert to arrive on-site? Is this even practical in this fast-paced life scenario? No, right? This is where can help you out and cut the transit costs altogether.

Technicians can connect with experts in any geographical location through video, audio, and chat facilities and get visual remote assistance at any time. The technician or expert can freeze the screen whenever they want and get a closer look and can record the entire session for future reference. If similar problems arise in the future, the new technicians need not connect with the expert again but solve the problem on their own.

Benefits of AR in Maintenance and Repair

Augmented reality has proven benefits in maintenance and repair. We conducted a study on our own and found companies found a 50% reduction in downtime, 30-50% reduction in time taken to resolve an issue, 30% reduction in operational expenditure, and companies were able to operate with 25% less manpower after adopting into their operations.

Maintenance and repair is one area that AR can impact a lot and bring a lot of improvements and that’s exactly why augmented reality has a crucial role in industry 4.0. Let’s watch industries grow and flourish with AR in the future.

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